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  • "Funny thing is when I was a kid I used to see ring watches in those little bubble gum dispensers. Where you'd put 50 cents in, twist, and get a small toy. There would be ones that looked like a Casio. I always thought that was really cool. So coming across this was pretty awesome. It's elegant and modern."

    - Ahmad K.

  • "Absolutely love it. It's like a little piece of royalty I can wear 👑

    - Sean R.

  • "It was all that and then some 😍 I appreciate you"

    - Daiona G.

  • "Excellent, I'm asked at least once a day about it and the durability has blown me away."

    - Jay M.

  • "The Mojid Ring Watch has been a perfect, much needed addition and accessory to my everyday attire! It really adds to any of my fits, and it completes a style of subtle luxury for me. The quality is impeccabale and I use the ring as a watch when wearing it. Being a fitted ring watch, the design is unique and original, and the mechanism and functionality is apparent. Not to mention the crown of crystals, bold colorways, sleek hands design, and professional branding shows high craftsmanship, and it makes me feel part of something great.

    - Chris C.

  • "It's dope as hell! The rose gold one stands out and it looks great with my other jewelry. I'm loving it so far 🔥"

    - Josue A.

  • "To begin...the packaging was phenomenal...I was truly in awe at the presentation of the official Mojid Ring! The quality of the ring-watch is superb, especially once you remove the seal at the bottom of the ring! The stones in the ring are extraordinarily pleasing to the eye! I truly feel unique whenever I put my indistinguishable ring on!

    - Matt B.

  • "Loving it, I've had a lot of family compliment and ask about it! The way it shines in the light and the night time glow are definitely dope 👌"

    - Jesse E.

  • "Your product is extremely impressive in its build quality. I often like to fidget with it and stare at the little details and each day I'm reminded of how flawless of a build it is. Very durable, nice texture, and a stylish statement to wear on my hand. I've received numerous compliments just by other people noticing the ring, and it always makes for a great conversation. The overall experience has been a 10/10, this is a genuine product that really knocks it out of the part, especially as a first edition.

    - Dawson K.

  • "Its honestly like no other piece of jewelry I've purchased. It's subtle but bold at the same time. There really is no other piece out there like this one."

    - Jazz D.

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