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Mojid Jewelry

La Flame

La Flame

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Crafted using real, solid 10K Gold and 2.72 cts. of VS1 Lab Diamonds

"All my jewelry cold as fuck but I'm a hot boy."

                                                           - Meek Mill

Have every girl saying "It's getting hot in here" as you raise temperatures with Mojid Jewelry's take on the traditional Cuban Link. 

The inspiration behind "La Flame" lies in the mesmerizing play of sunlight on its stones. Just as flames dance with fervor, the VS lab diamonds in this ring capture and reflect light with unmatched brilliance creating a show for all viewers.

Unleash your inner fire and make a bold statement with "La Flame" - the ultimate companion for a season filled with adventures and unforgettable moments. 

Because, indeed, Fortune Favors the Bold: And the Bold Wear Mojid


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